• This webpage which collects questions of the graduate school test (including extent courses) and transfer exams are provided by NCKU Office of Academic Affairs every year. However, no answers of the exam.
  • The examination questions that each department undertakes on its own, including Doctorate, Graduate school, Recommendation admission tests, etc. are not included.
  • To download the past transfer exam after the 94 academic year, please confirm the examination subject from the file in the number 00 first, then download.
    As for the part before the 94 academic year, it is divided into common subjects and department questions, If examination of some subjects were not be found in the examination questions, please remember to check that in the file of "Common subjects".
  • Beginning from the 105 academic year, the bachelor's degree transfer examination takes the way of joint enrollment, you can refer to the Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS) Bachelor's Transferred Student Joint Admissions Examination Information Network.
  • If you have any questions, please e-mail to the Circulation & Public Services Division.
Past exam (in Chinese)
轉學考(94學年以後) 轉學考(94學年以前)
碩士班考試 在職進修專班