Past Examination Papers of National Cheng Kung University

  • • This webpage only includes examination papers provided by NCKU Office of Academic Affairs for Master’s Program (including On-the-Job Training Program) and Bachelor’s Degree Transfer Examination (Question papers from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering are not provided starting from Year 112(Please approach the department office)). Answers and solutions however are not provided.
  • • The examination papers for Doctoral Programs, Master's Programs,Recommendation Admission Tests, and other exams conducted independently by departments are not included.
  • • Beginning from the 105th academic year, the Bachelor's Degree Transfer Examination has adopted joint admissions, users can refer to the Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS) Bachelor's Transferred Student Joint Admissions Examination Information Network.
  • • If any questions occur, please send an e-mail to the Collection Management and Circulation Services Division.